Mission Statement for Arlington House Foundation

Final Vision and Mission Statements:

Vision and Mission Statements.
Picking up from our recent retreat, we formalized and voted on our Vision and Mission statements at the June Board Meeting. After a lengthy discussion, the final statements are:

Vision. "To serve as stewards of Arlington House, the Robert E. Lee Memorial, and to establish a sustainable legacy for history through education."

Mission: "Arlington House Foundation partners with the National Park Service's efforts to provide authentic and transformative experiences leading to a more inclusive national culture."

It was moved, seconded and passed to accept these statements.


 National Park Service act of 1916 (The Organic Act)
Congressional Joint Resolution No. 74, March 1925 (Restoration of the Lee Mansion)
Executive Order No. 6166/6228, June 1933 (Transfer of property to Department of the Interior)
Joint Resolution and Public Law 107, June 1955 (Dedication of Lee Mansion as permanent memorial to Robert E. Lee)
Public Law 86-170, August 1959 (Extends the Grounds of the Lee Memorial)
Public law 92-333, June 1972 (Restores the Home to its original name Arlington House with the memorial phrase "The Robert E. Lee Memorial")

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