Mission Statement for Arlington House Foundation

The mission of the Arlington House Foundation is threefold. The foundation will assist the National Park Service's stewardship of Arlington House, and assist with the preservation and maintenance of the building and grounds, furthering the goal to restore the site to the condition that existed just prior to the American Civil War. The Arlington House Foundation will also support the site as a permanent memorial to Robert E. Lee, and aid enhancement of educational and research opportunities that will move forward the interpretation of its significant history. Finally, the foundation will support the National Park Service efforts that increase the veracity of our unique 19th century plantation visitor experience. This assistance will aim to encourage a broader understanding of how the decisions and events that occurred at Arlington House impacted American history and our evolution towards a more inclusive culture.



National Park Service act of 1916 (The Organic Act)

Congressional Joint Resolution No. 74, March 1925 (Restoration of the Lee Mansion)

Executive Order No. 6166/6228, June 1933 (Transfer of property to Department of the Interior)

Joint Resolution and Public Law 107, June 1955 (Dedication of Lee Mansion as permanent memorial to Robert E. Lee)

Public Law 86-170, August 1959 (Extends the Grounds of the Lee Memorial)

Public law 92-333, June 1972 (Restores the Home to its original name Arlington House with the memorial phrase "The Robert E. Lee Memorial")

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